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Associate Creative Director

Creative – Atlanta, Georgia
Department Creative
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Senior Manager/Supervisor

The Associate Creative Director at our agency helps develop and implement creative solutions to push clients’ merchandise, services, or brand reputation. This person supervises the work and professional growth of designers, copywriters, animation artists, and other artists within the creative team.

You relate well with prospective clients and deliver stellar presentations to them to win their business; and recommend advertising methods to clients that are appropriate to their brand and appropriately disruptive to their place in the market.

You won’t only give artistic/creative direction for the project but also will be concerned with the business development tasks with the marketing department/clients.

You will also assist the team's copywriter(s) by giving concise, constructive critique and helping to provide solutions for the best next solution.

You will be collaborative in working with team members. You’ll give and receive feedback in a professional and respectful manner.

Your main responsibilities will include:

  • Relate with senior administrators to guide and encourage the creative team to provide creative, thoughtful, and relevant work

  • Pay attention to clients and articulate their conditions, goals, and requirements

  • Collaborate with clients to establish the artistic/creative strategy for projects

  • Head multiple projects; supervise designing, idea development, style and implementation; assign tasks and monitor progress

  • Partake in all aspects of team projects, aiming at innovation and quality

  • Offer direction to members of the creative team

  • Partake in the pitching and winning of new work and new client business

  • Research new tools and techniques to enhance and support job

  • Conduct interview and employ permanent team members, freelancers and interns

  • Contribute to Dagger's culture by being an exemplar, not just a professor of its core values

You should show evidence of:

  • Inspiring Leadership: Associate Creative Directors must be able to command all aspects of a project, encouraging team members to hunt innovation and aim for perfection

  • Interactive mastermind: He/she must be a gifted creative thinker and technician with the skills to create thoughtful, viable and unique art solutions

  • Compelling artistry: The Associate Creative Director must have in depth experience representing the art team and its work to clients. This role requires prowess in public speaking as well as an ability to empathetically, actively listen.

  • Relentless Mentorship: Associate Creative Directors must be able to mentor team members to attain top quality work, across the entire team

  • 8+ years of experience working in an advertising agency, be it traditional or digitally focused

  • Strong portfolio that shows conceptual thinking as well as art director, design and/or writing. Please be prepared to discuss the process of your portfolio pieces, giving us a clear indication of your specific roles, responsibilities, and output in each.

  • Highly conceptual team leader who is constructive, courageous, collaborative, and committed to guiding the creative team in producing the best work possible, and to the overall creative vision

  • Exudes the Dagger values: Proactive Service, Be Gritty, Positive Vibrations, Comfortably Uncomfortable

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